Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nathens Birthday Sep 6, 2009

Happy Birhtday Nathen
4 Years old

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Devon Lost his first tooth

He is so exited
Got two bucks from the tooth fairy

Friday, June 19, 2009

fog is lifting

This last month or so has been a big fog. I roboticly get things done and wait for the phone to ring. I hate myself for not being with my dad when he needs me most. And know it wouldn't do any good any how.

Dear Val Webber my Step Mom passed away. Saturday June 13, 2009

The wait is over. Her pain is gone and now the peaces are left to be picked up. After she was lade to rest Wednesday lightness came over me. I am still mad at the unfairness of this. She was to young and had to much life to live for, to have gone so soon. But I am not sad for her. She is with God and it was like peace entered our home when she let go of her body and entered heavens gates.

So life here moves on. I aic for my dad. I get angry for silly things. Like James going on about season passes for snowboarding and what CVA will pay. I mean that's like half my budget for the school year. And the other half goes to the YMCA witch he insists on us doing also. Sure we will all go snow boarding, but the boys wont have books. Gahh. I just don't get the man.

I just miss being home. And fined it so strange that after all this time MI is still home. SO much of my heart is there. I guess that will never change.

Friday, May 29, 2009


The title parity much said it all. We been sick. Sick in spirit, then in body. Started Thursday with the boys having a light cough. peeked on Sunday at least for Nathen with a visit to the ER a 104 temp and bloody noise. 5 hours latter we get to go home with him lots of meds and poor things got pneumonia. Devon gets hit next then me and James. All weak we battle high fevers and horrid cough. Today we are all on the mend. Boys played outside in back. Still keeping them at a slower pace, but we are not cottages and doing better. Hoping on Sat we will get to go to Niki. Missing her.

Spirit wise we are growing with God and his grace. I know for thous who don't believe this is cheesy. But it is a place I draw great strength when times like these come about. That and my friends and Family. Val is still in the same state. Only now she has an infection and fever. My heart aces for my Dad every day. There is so little to do. His birthday was last Sunday. He is 55 years young. He didn't even want me to wish him happy birthday.

Every thing ells boils down to money. We are scrapping the pantry and freezer these days. Only buying fresh fruits and veggies as needed. All others are coming from my stock pile. And James thought I was nuts to do that :) But with the Roof needing fixed, the car brakes, and all us getting sick and the co pay for meds alone yickes. We are pinching the pennies tall the end of next month and that's if work picks up. Oh I pray it does.

Things are doing better. We have our health coming back and with out health insurance we would have had to pay much much more. The roof is fixed all be it on credit. it is still fixed and the car too. James job may be slow, but he has a job so I will not complain on that. Doing what we can to look on the bright side. Good friends. And lots of love it will all end well in the end.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missing U

Taken in 2007
Autumn, Dad (Howard), Mia,
Step Mom (Val), Trevor, Nathen in my arms, Devon and me

I pray that she comes back to us. That she knows no pain at this time. I pray for my Dad to know that he is not alone and we love his so much.

We love u Val.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The last few months of fun

I figgerd with this up coming weak being so busy. Devon terning seven and James being on vacation and all I would try to catch up before I get way behind again. So here u are. Adventures in homeschooling gardening and all that good stuff.

(above) Our new slides came in
(Below) Making apple sauce

My new raised garden beds They are so awesome

Awana Derby The Army car is Nathen's

We had a great time even if we didn't win a thing

Trevor's car coming in secant

Devon's car is the brown dog on the back track


It really was fun Nathen's car almost got a trophy. Was way faster then the thing looks

So there u have it. Oh and that middle guy terned seven today :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The sun is out

Finlay some sun and of course to sick to really enjoy it. Church today and hopping to size up my garden to start putting in the raised beds. Or at least buy the wood for them.

Spring break is over. Tomorrow we start at the Y again and I get a new class. Science and history day at the other Coop and just moving threw tell summer hits or I just give in and give up :)

On the bright side we been seeing lots of friends and out alot even in the rain. I love the zoo in the rain. Probably why I am sick :P Kids are in good health thow. Thats a good thing I think.

I love the sun. SO happy it is back even for a short time.